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Performance requirements of vacuum leaf filter

The performance requirements of the vacuum leaf filter are: (1) The working vacuum of the leaf filter should not be less than 0.06MPa, and the working temperature should not be greater than 55°C.

What is a vacuum leaf filter

Vacuum leaf filter, known as Moore filter in the world, is widely used in titanium dioxide and non-ferrous metallurgy industries. The vacuum leaf filter is mainly composed of filter leaf, vacuum piping system

Attention should be paid to three aspects of accuracy in the use of metering pumps

Steady state accuracy of mechanical diaphragm metering pump: ±2% of rated flow. If the measured 100% stroke flow of the metering pump is 1000L/h, the allowable deviation of the steady-state accuracy is ±2%*1000=±20 L/h. Steady-state accuracy refers to the flow deviation obtained by calibrating the flow rate of the dosing pump at different time points without any adjustments and changes in the related system.

How to draw fan-shaped cast-in-situ slabs in steel bar graphics

Draw the beam according to the radian and then use the three-point arc and straight line to draw a fan. 2. Using the collage method, draw two circles and then use the method of trimming to draw, that is, a large circle on the outside and a small circle on the inside, and then cut the circle according to the arc length.
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