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Company Profile



Luoyang Ounuo Machinery Co. , Ltd. is a large-scale machinery and equipment engaged in the professional production of parts and components.
Main products:
1. Design and manufacture of mechanical equipment and parts;
2. Series high pressure diaphragm pump spare parts manufacturing and maintenance, such as: one-way Valve (including valve cone, Valve seat, valve nut, valve rubber, etc.) and valve box and diaphragm gland and other special spare parts manufacturing and maintenance;
3. Leaf filter spare parts manufacturing and maintenance, such as: Filter and a variety of spring clips, etc.
4. Spare parts manufacturing and maintenance, such as: fan-shaped Plate, Rim and a variety of spring clips and other special accessories.
The company is located in the historical and cultural city, Peony hometown-Luoyang. With advanced production equipment, testing equipment, strong technical force and a good knowledge structure of the team. Since its establishment, the company has been exploring the modern enterprise management model and learning from the successful management experience of domestic and foreign enterprises.
The company has the qualification of importing and exporting foreign trade. Its products sell well all over the country and are exported to European and American countries and regions. For a long time, the company has maintained a good partnership with Adim, SUARCOM, Fasur and other companies in Europe and America, the quality of the products is trusted by the users. Especially in the steel industry, alumina industry and New Energy Industry, the company Valve Cone, Valve seat, valve box, diaphragm cover, nitrogen bag base and other products and vertical disk spare parts, leaf filter spare parts, it is suitable for all kinds of high-pressure diaphragm pump, vertical disc and leaf filter at home and abroad. The comprehensive performance index, performance-price ratio is more than that of imported and domestic similar products. Has passed the IS09001 quality system certification, certificate number: 04617q14466ros. . Won 15 patents and received patent certificate.
The company carries out the management policy of "quality first, customer first, honesty first" , constantly innovates and creates "Ounuo" first-class brand, with the leading technology, high-quality products, reasonable prices, sincere service to repay our customers for our products.
We have been working hard, continuous progress, let our customers more satisfied!

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