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With the in-depth development of my country's market economy, market competition has become increasingly fierce, and users' requirements for products have become higher and higher. And there are more and more requirements for after-sales service. For this reason, our company's quality management department has set up an after-sales service organization to meet the needs of market development, and is equipped with full-time service personnel to handle after-sales services of our company's products. At the same time, our company has also made many efforts in internal quality management, and obtained GB/T19001-2006/ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification. For this reason, our company can completely:

1. Our company guarantees that all products shipped out of the factory are produced and inspected in accordance with relevant national standards, and that unqualified products will never leave the factory. Strictly implement the national after-sales service regulations for industrial products, and our company will be responsible for the warranty period and the quality of the products are in good condition within the normal use range from the time of delivery.

2. The user raises a quality objection to our company’s products. The company guarantees that it will make a handling opinion within 24 hours after receiving the objection from the user. If it is necessary to solve the problem on the spot, it is guaranteed to send professional technical service personnel to the scene within 48 hours to meet the quality problem Service personnel will not be evacuated if it is not resolved. Our company will archive the product quality problems and processing results of each user feedback. The above is our company's commitment to after-sales service. We sincerely welcome all users to criticize and correct us. Please provide valuable suggestions for improvement. Sincerely hope that we can cooperate happily.

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